Oracle Certification Program

The Oracle Certification Program is a professional certification program offered by the Oracle Corporation. There are three levels of Oracle Certification in several disciplines: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Master (OCM).

Certification levels
Oracle Certified Associate
The Oracle Certification Program begins with the Associate level, which recognizes achievement in mastering introductory Oracle skills. The Oracle Certified Associate tier was designed to provide for an entry-level DBA certification designation for the Oracle platform. To receive this Certification you must pass two Introductory Exams.
Oracle Certified Professional
The Oracle Certified Professional candidates have proven skills for managing a large scale database or developing robust applications that are deployed enterprise-wide. To receive this Certification you must attend an on-line or in-class training course at the Oracle University and pass one Intermediate level Exam.
Oracle Certified Master
The Oracle Certified Master (OCM) credential is the most advanced Database Administrator certification. It requires that you attend an on-line or in-class training course at the Oracle University. To obtain the OCM you first need to acquire the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) credentials.
Oracle Certified Expert

The Certified Expert credentials recognize competency in specific technologies, architectures or domains not currently covered in the path-based Certified Associate and Certified Professional certifications.

Key features of Expert certifications:
1. Niche oriented – based upon specific products or technologies.
 2. Credentials are independent of the current OCA, OCP, OCM hierarchy.
 3. Typically comprises a single comprehensive exam, rather than a series of exams.
 4. Competencies may range from foundational skills to mastery of advanced technologies.
 5. May have prerequisites (online exam, previous certification, training course attendance).
Topics may include areas identified for certifications that do not fall within Oracle’s previously defined path-based certification model, but are valuable or essential skills that can and should be tested. Successful candidates will be awarded a special Expert Certification designation.
Certification paths
Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Master

* Oracle9i DBA OCP
* Hand-On Course Requirements

Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator Certified Associate

* 1Z0-311 Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I

* Refer to for further details because after December-2008 the requirements have increased for OCA where the candidate has to take total of 2 exams to complete OCA title.

Oracle Application Server 9i Web Administrator Certified Associate

* 1Z0-301 Oracle9iAS: Basic Administration

Oracle Forms Developer Certified Professional

* Oracle PL/SQL Developer OCA.
* 1Z0-141 Oracle Forms: Build Internet Applications
* A higher level of ... CCSP Training
Oracle Java Certifications

(Formerly, Sun Certifications)

* Java Programmer
* Java Developer
* Business Component Developer
* Web Component Developer (JSP/Servlet)
* Java Enterprise Architect


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